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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - Leave a Response

Happy Birthday Tom Lehrer!

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It was Tom Lehrer’s Birthday yesterday! Total dude.

PEOPLE ARE GERMS ROLLERDISCO with Alexis Taylor / The Glimmers / Trevor Jackson / Crispin Dior / Magistrates

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People Are Germs Rollerdisco

In a splendid clash of OMG and LOL, our pals Claire and Juliette Germs are putting on an amazing party… here’s the scoop: On the 18th April Claire and Juliette are running a very special People are Germs party in the form of a (drum roll…) ROLLERDISCO at BASH STUDIOS (Scrutton Street, London, EC2A)! Just to clarify skating is, apparently, NOT compulsory…

To accompany the skates There’re lots of fun loving DJs playing in the form of:
The Glimmers
Alexis Taylor – Hot Chip
Trevor Jackson
Crispin Dior
Plus Special Guests

As well as this all this there’ll be candy floss, balloons, beautiful visuals thanks to the talents of Jiro Bevis and Danny Sangra plus lots lots more… The night runs from 10pm – 5am.

Tickets are on sale from and cost a handsome £8. (£10 on the door) info.

The Maccabees – new single FREE // video // tour

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Our pals and proper hometown gents The Maccabees have been recording their second album for what seems like forever… but it’s finished now! Last week they gave away their first new track for free from their myspace, or directly by clicking here – it’s still up there if you haven’t snagged it yet. For me it’s a MASSIVE step up. Felix (guitar / vocal and all round good egg) has written and spoken of not wanting to do what a lot of bands do with their second album and do the same thing except worse.

The new track, No Kind Words, totally bears him out on this – its a winding, dark, tense lament on the demise and salvation of a dear friend (can we guess who?). I love it – it’s the best thing they’ve done. I can’t wait for the new album – it’s gonna have the brass section from Arcade Fire on it, who flew in from Canada to Paris to record their parts.

They also crammed in a video shoot with Mat Horne (a fan pretty much since day one) from that Gavin and Stacy thing that I don’t really get but that everyone seems to love. The vid is super simple, and sick as fuck. It was directed by Orlando (vocals) and Ruth Render.

Anyway, probs to the boys for stepping up their game so impressively, and props again for selling out the Concorde 2 in less than 24 hours. Time to start booking some bigger venues methinks!

“Rolex Watches Help Owen Wilson Recover From Attempted Suicide”

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I shit you not…. Read the full nonsense Press Release (and commentary) on the Guardian’s website:

The Invisible…

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - Leave a Response

… NOT The Invisibles…… This is probably the most excited I’ve been about a band in ages. Check them here if you like what you see / hear:

Leisure System.03, Berghain, Berlin, March 13th

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To give you an idea – here is some acid for you. This is one of the rehearsals Voltek and Reteric did for Leisure System .01:

Jingle All The Way

Sunday, December 28, 2008 - One Response

Merry Christmas everyone – here’s a lovely little film by AKQA to sum up exactly the sentiments of the season, especially if you are well acquainted with a pierced film lid and little plastic tray.


Crayon Physics / Touch Physics

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I just saw this on Christian’s wicked blog Good In The Air. It’s called Crayon Physics and you’ve just got to watch it – I can’t explain what makes it mind boggling – just watch.

You can only get this on PC at the moment, but us Appletosh types do get a (hacked) iPhone app called Touch Physics. Best buy ever at 59p.

Return to Parkistan

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My buddy and sometime GenEric boy Jacksonio’s crew The Parkers have had some tees done to promote one of Jackson’s other enterprises, the indefatigably nang blog GURN.

parkers-e-flierPhotos by Sam Hiscox.

By the way, sorry for the lack of posting recently, and the lumpy appearance. Normal service will resume shortly. Locked in battle with the CSS Mothra.