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Random Article #1
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just a quick post to let you all know that we’ll be putting a link to a random article on Wikipedia on the bottom of each and every post we do – just to kinda spread the knowledge about a bit. And don’t think that we’ll be secretly setting the agenda or owt – the article will be generated by Wikipedia’s own random generator, so in theory, each time you click the link, you’ll get a different article. Neato!

Random Article.

Alternatively, and as the fancy takes us, we’ll post a random image from Wikimedia commons. Noice.

Random File.


Slip Mattatats
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We’ve finally got enough slip mats in to have a few to stick on the website – they’ve been selling so well in some of our stores that we haven’t been able to keep them in stock. We’ve fired all of our stock control staff, so that’s okay.

GenEric SLIP MATS(That’s my hand.)

The slipmats themselves are very thin (like 1mm thick) but very dense, so you get really good control and feel – I should know; I gig with them two or three times a week. They come in a nice sleeve, which is exclusive to the website but is limited to 50 hand numbered pairs, so get ’em while they’re hot!Click here to buy from the GenEric online store.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Otis Live in the UK

Peep the crazy crash reverse zoom 3.11 into the song. Tripping me izzout.

“Vocabulary spills I’m ill”
Nas’ breakthough tune ‘It Aint Hard To Tell’ – its a banger

MORE free shit? Okay………
Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rhymefest – that Chicago MC that Mark Ronson took under his wing after he appeared on Ronson’s (actually very good) debut Here Comes The Fuzz – is finishing off his new album with Just Blaze (I first heard that name on React by Erick Sermon – what a tune) which will be called El Che. He’s also on that wicked Ronson remix of Alpha Beta Gaga by Air.

Here’s a little clip of him putting down his “B-Boy anthem”. Tune.

“My name is Ch-Ching!” I wanna hear that guy.

As a bonus – and here comes that blag – Rhymefest has also put out this Michael Jackson tribute mixtape thing. When you download it you get the artwork and everything included. Cool. Click the pic to get it.
Rhymefest - Man in the Mirror Mixtape

Check Rhymefest, and Just Blaze.

via Inverse.

A Blag Blog///////// CUT/COPY
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So – in a blagging kind of a mood are ya? Well allow me to furnish you with the finest mix this land has to offer.

Cut Copy - SO COSMIC mix

Australian coolsters Cut Copy – one of my all time fave bands and founding signees of Antipodean superlabel Modular – are giving away their So Cosmic mix for $0.00 (which roughly translates to £0.00 in Sterling). Its an electro dream (featuring a Knightlife remix, a Bag Raiders track, A Joakim remix and a load of others, like JMJ and Aphex Twin), with a few nice surprises in there for good measure (its not often you see Fleetwood Mac or Panda Bear tracks on an electro mix).

Anyone who heard Cut Copy’s Fabriclive mix will have a semi already – it’s probably the best there is.

Get SO COSMIC by C U T C O P Y here.

Palestine Graf from afar
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is basically awesome.
The dealio is, you chuck a Palestinian yout €30 and he’ll graf a message onto the 670 km Israeli West-Bank Barrier that cages the West Bank and the Palestinian people.


As they put it themselves, “Your text on the Wall reminds Palestinians they have not been forgotten. It helps them keeping hope alive. That’s the message you are sending to them, whatever the words are.
Get over there and get your tag up in a REAL warzone: send.a.message

Ummm….. WOW.
Monday, January 21, 2008

Check this out! You know how when you go to a “LIVE” electronic show, its always just some dude who doesn’t see enough daylight checking his emails? Well these dorksters from UC Berkeley ‘s School of Information sat down and had a think about what was the funnest material known to man (“Helium? Chromeum? Balonyum?”) and came up with the answer…. Gumballs! These modern day Einsteins are called Hannes Hesse, Andrew McDiarmid and Rosie Han and this is The Bubblegum Sequencer!

Check more at:

Puts me in mind of our pal (and GenEric supporter from way back) Tim Exile – imagine what he’d do with this!

Yoinked via Modular’s Modblog

Also, apologies for the dearth of posts here recently – I guess the old braincells took longer than usual to recover. Back with a vengeance now though……

There is no chin under Chuck Norris’ beard. Only another fist.
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There is no story attached to that headline. I heard it on one of Mike Huckabee’s campaign videos and almost laughed my eyes out. I mean, “Vote for me because there is no chin under Chuck Norris’ beard. Only another fist.”? Pardon?

Brandon Bird is an amazing painter and I think this would be a good interval in which to post a pic and give him a shout.

Brandon Bird is a dude.

Brandon Bird

Check this great interview by Lodown Magazine, and/or check Bird’s own site.

Vinyl Heads / Sleeveface / TIDY YOUR ROOMS!!!!
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I think I must have seen this blogged, like, 10 times in the last three or four months, so, ever the latecomer (fashionably so mind), I thought I’d blog it up too.. Essentially, it’s “one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.” Too much fun not to do one of our own – watch this space……

GenEric Clothing likeeee

GenEric Clothing likeeee


Find more here, here and on facebook.

Mumdance x Jammer x Diplo x Black Lips
Friday, January 4, 2008

Our pal Mumdance sent me a link today of a Black Lips remix he made & got Jammer to do a sixteen on.

Click Mumdance to hear it!

He had the pleasure of going to the Murkle Man’s yard (where he falls off that little motorbike) and spontaneously got him to add a bit of fire to the mix. The tune is a rework of a Diplo mix of the Black Lip’s ‘veni vidi vici’ and its dope. Nice-up Mumdance.




Black Lips