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All Hallow’s Eve
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It being Hallowe’en and everything, I thought I’d share this amazing blog from a few years ago. It’s called The Essential Ghoul’s Record Shelf, and was an mp3 blog of all things ghostly and ghoulish. Not, like, Thriller or Rocky Horror or anything like that. The selections were bizarre, rare, ancient and fascinating. It’ll blow your mind, or more specifically, eat it.

It was by this modern-day Criswell, a chap called Dr Mysterian. Since Hurricane Katrina, it appears that Dr Mysterian was driven from his home in New Orleans and there hasn’t really been any word from him since (more’s the pity) but the blog remains, as does his wonderful and extensive background notes. I’ll leave you to revel in the likes of Werewolf Mama, Soul Dracula and Spider Baby.
Soul Dracula!
Good night out there. Whatever you are……!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay finally! I think all the glitches are sorted, the shop is working – the website is LIVE!

We’re going to do a proper launch and flyer it and everything, but for now, have a scoot around ( here: and have a look and if you find anything amis, please do email us and let us know.

Screen Grabs right here:

Grab of the GenEric Website

Grab of the front page of the GenEric Website

And you can also shop your heart out!

Grab of the shop page of the GenEric Website


Monday, October 29, 2007

Whilst round Odzilla’s dungeon I found a canvas he told me he was painting over tomorrow so I thought – why not preserve the beauty and innocence of his creation by taking a photo of it. So I did. odisie2b.jpg A lovely chap odisie2a.jpg Some more of the Odd Faced Killah’s scribblings I found on the wall of his torture chamber down in the basement of his death dungeon

Sweet as a Nut @ Be Quick Or Dead
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last night we went down to the Barfly to meet up with old friends the Sweet as a Nut girls to catch a set they were playing at new night ‘Be Quick Or Dead’. It was cool seeing old faces and having a good old natter and they played a few tunes we requested although – no Tom Tom Club! Whats that about eh girls? Never mind, I still enjoyed myself loads. Thanks y’all.

93.jpg The S.A.A.N posse 72.jpg Ronnie came down but was forsaken from the club for sensimillia crimes 83.jpg Cracky 62.jpg Superstar DJ’s 34.jpg “Play” 45.jpg Gun-fingers

Check the Nut’s out if you get the chance, they’ve sort of split up as one has moved back to the smog but are still doing some DJing in both London and Brighton at various weddings, barmitvas / batmitvas, confirmations ect so keep an eye out. Oh yeah and they’ve got a myspace:

“For the finest in Art, Try POP!” T-Shirt
Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hi – about time I got a post up on this here blog – can’t let Jackson have all the fun.

I’m sure you are all well aware of this particular GenEric shirt – it’s pretty much our best seller. I just thought I’d spiel a little bit about where the idea for this shirt came from, as well as letting you know where you can read some more.

First things first, the ‘slogan’ is almost exactly the title of an essay by a chap called Richard Hamilton. He’s a British artist who I really admire, especially after seeing his recreation of Duchamp’s Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. I loved the simplicity of the title, as well as the implications towards Pop Art, which the t-shirt graphics that we do are the logical progeny. To my mind, the kind of quick, thrown up artwork and immediate, multiple cultural references and recreations are exactly where people like Warhol and Lichtenstein were aiming.

You can read the first page of the essay here on Google books , although the essay doesn’t relate as directly to the print as simply the title. Its still a fascinating read though.

Of course the print borrows heavily from the halftoning that Lichtenstein used – thats an obvious reference. (more…)

Young MC
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This dude is a straight up legend, and guess what – he was born in South Wimbledon!! Move over Slick Rick, its all about Marvin Young AKA The Young MC. Peep this, the kid also has a bachelor’s degree in economics and won the US version of the Weakest Link – WTF??! Thats skill’s yo. Young MC – Bust A Move Live on Arsenio ’89 – check out the extra verse he raps in the middle of the tune that has never appeared on record. Aight.

Nothing interesting…
Monday, October 22, 2007

This weekend was a bit dry in terms of shows / events ect. We went down to Dubpressure at the Volks in Brighton town around twelvish on Friday night but the Q was hella long and wasnt moving after 25 minutes (something they have to sort out cos we rate that nite and really wanted to av’ a little shock out), so we decided to sack it off an went down the Full Moon bar in Boyces Street to see some familiar faces. We ended up trawling the city hunting house parties and found one courtesy of Sumitra – Ta!

Nothing that great to wack up this time but Im gonna upload some flics anyway… 12.jpg We found these durrty chav’s in the Moon – errggh.. 22.jpg Pon street party huntin’ 32.jpg Some geezer turned up in a bin 5.jpg Sumitra found it hilarious 52.jpg Liked this shirt 6.jpg Suprise sex – we don’t indorse it 8.jpgAnd finally, when I got home I found this strange little man asleep outside my room

Sorry for the lack of anything actually interesting but as I said – my weekend pretty much sucked this week. Adiós yo!

Mr Hudson and The Library @ Concorde 2
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Tuesday nite the S.O.R posse (accompanied by the one they call Bandro) went down to Concord 2 on the Brighton seafront to catch a show by Mr Hudson and his band The Library. They smashed it and were supported by an artist called Natty who we also thought was dope so keep an eye out for any upcoming shows with either groups on the bill. 21.jpg Mr Hudson 41.jpg An evil looking Mr Hudson and his boomtastic back-up singer Joy who was killing it on the steel drums all night And finally a little vid i took with the digi cam of my favourite tune. Enjoy!

Mr Hudson’s band The Library were so tight they have to get a second mention and a special shout-out has to go to the keyboard player Torville Jones AKA ‘Toykyoyoyo’ who unfortunately isn’t in any of the pictures, but played his heart out on the night.

Check out Mr Hudson’s sounds if you havn’t already at:, and check out some of Torville’s production at:

A Visit From Ronnie
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check it out…yesterday we had a visit from Ronnie, lead singer in the band the ‘Koma Katz‘. The Katz are a south-coast based ‘Psychobilly’ punk band who I, allongside Ronnie and two other dudes, made the music video for the single ‘Never Drink Wine’. Their sound is described as ‘Johnny Cash and Sid Vicious having a fist fight in hell!’ 023.jpg Hear the Koma Katz at

Rahzel @ Digital
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So the S.O.R swindled some G-lists for Rahzel and even though I personally felt trashed we bopped down to Digital (again god damn it..) and saw the legend that is Rahzel perform. He truely is the hardest working beat-boxer in hip-hop, even if he does say so himself..!

Oh yeah an we had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Illegirl and The Vandoll Network Lisa, who has her game on lock!! It was a pleasure yo. Only a few flics Im afraid cos my camera whitied on me. 1.jpg A quick one at the Mash and some subliminal GenEric advertising rahzel2.jpg Rahzel 3.jpg More Rahzel

So there you have it folks, more soon!