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The Funk of Forty Thousand Years
Friday, November 30, 2007

Well….. twenty-five anyway. Thriller was released 25 years ago tomorrow, and you’ve just GOT to salute one of the great albums of all time. Seven singles out of the nine tracks, every one top ten, and it won Grammys for pop, rock AND R&B. Seminal.

“There Ain’t No Second Chance Against The Thing With Forty Eyes “


New Hands Print #1
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Figured out the first print in our new series of prints of Hands. More to follow in the coming weeks – these tees should be ready by Christmas. Santa has a large pre-order going out to Lapland, so it looks like you’ve all been good girls and boys.

Broken Arms Tee Print

UPDATE///////// These will be out on white tees and tote bags in two weeks time. Drop us an email at to reserve yours or check the store in 14 days.

Cazals Cover Spandau Ballet
Monday, November 26, 2007

Woop! In an almost endlessly brilliant triangle of cool, English / Italian band Cazals are releasing their cover of Spandau Ballet’s best song  To Cut A Long Story Short on the unimpeachably excellent French label Kitsuné.

If that weren’t enough, there’s apparently a remix from the amazing autoKratz on the B-Side. As Cher so aptly put it, “Before it’s earned, our money’s all been spent”. You could add “on Kitsuné records” to complete the picture.

They’re also going on tour in Japan with Daft Punk. That cool triangle is turning into a dodecahedron.

Check the sleeve (I wonder if those are glasses by the Cazal Eyewear company? It seems like too much of a coinkydink not to be, no?):
Cazals To Cut A Long Story Short

And the vid, directed by Giorgio Testi:

Too Black for B.E.T @ Dazed Gallery ///////// Plastic Little @ Old Blue Last
Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last night I took the train into London to catch Philadelphia’s Plastic Little wile-out at the Old Blue Last. I missed seeing them perform last time they were in the UK a few months back so I was eager to make it this time. The show was cool and they brought all the energy and bravado on stage but the sound got cut off after about 4 songs which was a bitch. On the flipside however, it left me just enough time to run through London in a drunken state of emergency and get to Victoria for the 1 0’clock train to Brighton. Phew!

Before the show, I met up with So Be It CEO Tan and his pal Session at the Dazed Gallery down Old Street for a viewing of The Non-Wise Writings of Plastic Little’s Jayson Scott Musson. When I bought their second album last year (She’s Mature) I got sent Jayson’s The Black Boy George – Too Black for B.E.T. – Episode 2 with it and enjoyed reading the mish-mash of highly sprung mind blurbs, especially the one about Hermione from Potter. So go grab a copy to read for your own amusement. I’m not sure where from, but do it anyway.


Old Greg


21.jpg 31.jpg








Plastic Little’s Pack of Rats (Jayson) trying to catch a hook on the ceiling…
Missing and going for Kurt’s dome instead…
..and ending up on his Khyber


Check them out at Peep Session’s music at, So Be It’s garms at and Tan’s blog here.

Oh yeah an you can buy Plastic Little’s second album ‘She’s Mature’ from here.

More drawing, possibly for a shirt…
Thursday, November 22, 2007

I heart Sharpie and Tipp-Ex.

Eye Ball Glasses

Today I have been mostly…
Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I feel a new tee coming on……
New GenEric Drawing

New GenEric Drawing

List of London Gang Names.
Monday, November 19, 2007

This collection of London gang and crew names was jacked off Nause Tours who nicked it from a copy of the Evening Standard published a few weeks back. Kids these days eh?1. BrentChurch Road ThugsCricklewood (SLK)Thugs of Stone BridgeAcorn Man DemWalthamstow/DMXNW UntouchableSK-HoodChurch Road Man DemSt Ralph’s SoldiersGreenhill Yout DemOut to Terrorise (OTT)Harsh-Don Man Dem9 Mill Kids (9MK)Shakespeare YoutsWestside/Red CrewStonebridge Man DemMinistry of DarknessWillesden Green BoysAraly Yardies (elders)Lock CityThe Copeland BoysMus LuvGP Crew (Grahame Park)2. West LondonWestbourne Park Man DemSouth Acton BoysQueen Caroline EstateLadbroke Grove Man DemLatimer Road Man DemKensal Town Man DemQueens Park Man DemEdwardes Wood BoysBush Man DemBecklow Man DemWest Kensington EstateCromer Street BoysBhattsKanaksHoly SmokesTooti NungsMDP (Murder Dem Pussies)DGD (Deadly Gash Dem)3. CamdenBorn Sick GangCentric GangCromer Street MassiveDenton BoysDrumond Street PosseNW1 Boyz (Combo Gang)Peckwater GangWC1 Gang4. EnfieldN9 Chopstiks GangRed Brick GangShanksville (aka Tanners End Lane Gang)Little DevilsNorthSide Chuggy ChixChosen SoldiersSouth Man SyndicateBoydems Most WantedEMD Enfield BoysTFA Tottanham BoysTiverton Boys5. NewhamBeckton Man DemJC BoysBlackwater Man DemForest Gate Man DemPaki PanthersTamil TigersAfrican DevilzPlaistow Man DemAma TugzStratford Man DemJeeperzEast Ham Boys6. Waltham ForestBeaumont CrewChingford Hall Man DemBoundary BoysHatch Man DemChingford Hall BoysBeaumont Man DemPiff City Bangers (Bang Bang Smash)Leytonstone Man DemOliver Close CrewPriory Court BoysGet Money DailyBarrier YoutsCathall BoysWalnut Road CrewSenyahs WalthamstowTamilsWalthamstow Boys7. HackneyE9 Bang Bang (They have lots of Google)Haggerston Fields CombinedHolly Street BoysHoxton BoysLondon FieldsPembury EstateLove of Money CrewHackney PosseSpringfield CrewManor House Crew_August Town CrewBombacilarLegends of Stokie (LOS)Sea & Mother Square BoysTap Dem CrewWell Street BoysYardie Bunch CrewDNA BoysL.or.DGrim Beats CrewBrick Lane MassiveCannon Street Rd PosseShadwell MassiveStepney PosseBengal TigersBethnal Green SomaliansDevon Road Kruisers_E3 MassiveElton Man DemBartlett ParkLimehouse MassiveWilehouse Man DemRemand Crew8. WestminsterQueens CrescentAbbey Road Man Dem (SLK)Lisson Man Dem9. HaringeyG-MoneyN dot22Wood Green Mob10. LewishamBrockley Man DemYoung Brockley ManzCatford WildcatD-BlockGhetto BoyzSYDBlues (Bromley)Greens (Lewisham)11. Merton/WandsworthPrime Time SolidersBattersea Marsh BoysAll Over EverywhereSurrey Lane Man DemTerror ZoneWinstanrey BoysDigging Deep GravesB-TownSouth Man Syndicate (SMS)Pink Ladies/ChicksWandsworth Man DemMenacing KidsWandsworth terror ZoneGypsetRaynes Park CrewENS/YNSSpray Can ArmyNo Remorse ShownStick em Up KidzYoung Stick em Up KidzTooting GangUGS (United Griffin Squad)Y-UGS (Young United Griffin Squad)Muslim BoysCroydon/Jaffna Boys12. LambethYoung Thugs for lifeTulse Hill Man DemPeel Dem CrewClapham Park DreadDipset MuslimBrixton Yard ManzS UnitCartel CrewG StreetMurder ZoneAlligator CrewMyatts Field PosseRema CrewStockwell Man DemHanna TownStreatham Man DemMuslim BoysSouth Man SyndicateBloodset MuslimsSuperstar GangSMN HeathsetSouthmandemMash ForceVMDHerne Hill Man Dem28sJunction Boys13. HarrowSHE (South Harrow Elite)Cheez GangThe t SideHarrow BoysArylali GangPinner MassiveGame OverMOD (Ministry of Darkness)StmBad BoysNo Tolerance14. SouthwarkPeckam Boys – Camden EstatePeckham Boys – North Peckham EstateMash ForceCircle Boys & Dulwich BoysKennel HillGloucester Grove EstateGold Smith EstateGold Smth EstateBermondsey BoysFirehouse CrewWolly Road Manz & OTB15. HillingdonNN (Nasty Niggers)Risky Boys (Northolt)AK47 Gang_Bombing Unit1DTU (Don’t Touch Us)Section 18 CrewDK (Destroy Kids)WDM (West Drayton Boys)AK (Academemic Kids)Hillingdon Hard Core16. CroydonDSNCrewDem Twisted SoldiersGypsettTerror ZoneTill Death YouthsThornton Heath Man DemPange Man DemNorwood YoutsDark Side Ninjas / Younger DSN17. BromleyOn Top of the RestAlbaboys FatalAssassinsThe Bloody AlbozGreens (Lewisham)Greazy KampBlues (Bromley)Penge MassiveBlock KidsKidz da Hood18. Greenwich/BexleyWoolwich BoysYounger RAFerrier YoutsKSB (Kis Spray Bro)Cherry YoutsPdotPlumstead ManzWoolwich ManzT-BlockRA GangJackson’s favourites:Out to Terrorise (OTT)Ministry of Darkness (MOD)Holy SmokesDGD (Deadly Gash Dem)N9 Chopstiks GangGypsetPeel Dem CrewMattatat’s favourites:Acorn Man DemGreazy KampShakespeare YoutsTooti NungsPiff City Bangers (Bang Bang Smash)AK47 Gang_Bombing Unit1Thanks Oliver!

DIGITALISM at Concorde 2, Brighton
Friday, November 16, 2007

Our despair at the apathy in the Brighton music scene took a brief break the night before last when we went to a sold out show on a Wednesday night! Granted, it was the mighty Digitalism, authors of Idealism – one of the best three dance albums this year (along with Simian Mobile Disco and Justice) – and renowned live overlords, but still, the amount of half empty shows we’ve been to since the summer made us fear for this one.

We needn’t have worried though; the place was not only packed, but everyone came to party. And Digitalism brought the party. A big laser / projection show, plus speaker-punishing heavy electro (the highlight of course being Digitalism in Cairo) made for one of the best nights out in absolutely ages.

Neil took these pics with his phone – fine work mate:

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Digitalism @ Concorde 2, Brighthon

Nu Grave/////////R.I.P
Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nu Grave T-shirt COMING SOON
Watch this space people – COMING SOOOOOOOOOON!

Can you trust Wikipedia??
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It was recently brought to my attention that not all is what it seems when it comes to the widely used and trusted website Check out these screen grabs that were sent to us anonymously by some one reffering to themself only as ‘Lalean’. Click the pics to enlarge.

peterandrewiki.jpg “Peter Andre was named after an Otter”

wiki1.jpg “Combs is a major Tiddlywinks fan”

wikiaffleck.jpg “Matt Damon”

wikicraig.jpg “Best Hair Bobbles”

wikihadouken.jpg “A quiet chap who likes to eat Aeros”

Conclusive proof that you can’t ever trust anything you read on the cyber-web these days. Ever.