New Diplo Banger

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Diplo – ‘Blow Your Head’

As heard on Sinden’s radio show last night.


GenEric vs. Adidas :: Mi Originals :: AdiDas GenEric #1

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 - 2 Responses

As promised yesterday, here are the Mi Originals I had done in Berlin. Limited World wide edition of 1. Mine.

Oh. Mi. God.

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Well in the interveneing months (literally, months) since my last post I have been doing all manner of fun things, and even more boring things.

Foremost in the fun stakes was a trip to Berlin to see my brother. Happily (and not entirely coincidentally) he was playing Berghain that weekend, so a party was HAD.

After a traumatic and very delayed journey (my passport had expired, so I had to go all the way to Peterborough, hang around for about 6 hours and pay £120 to get it renewed) I arrived (a day late) in Berlin.

I’m gonna split the posts on Berlin up cos there are so many pics. This post refers to one particularly exciting episode at the Adidas Originals store where I got a pair of Mi Originals made.

Herzogenaurach, May 28th , 2008 – Well-established street wear symbol adidas Originals celebrates its rich brand heritage with another milestone that truly expresses creativity and individuality: mi Originals. With this customization tool the brand offers consumers the chance to design their own individual pair of sneakers and thereby choose between two of the Trefoil’s most iconic footwear models: the Superstar and the ZX700.

Well, I went, I saw and I fucking got em. The workspace is amazing – two old dentist chairs with a touchscreen interface for viewing and modifying your kicks.

So yeah. That was a good day. NAd even better, three weeks down the line, they’re HERE!!!!! Will post pics tomorrow. SO FRESH!

Fucked Up at ULU

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Was up at the Fucked Up show last week – must be the third or fourth show of theirs that I’ve seen this year. A slightly odd night given all the Mindless Self Indulgence fans there in fairy wings, post-Kiss facepaint and backcombed, overstyled hair. Plus the really high stage with all the Kerrang stuff all over it, the huge security pit – a tad unnecessary. Fucked Up were great – I’m loving the three guitar wall of noise. Really fresh. Had a nice chat to Sandy afterwards too.

Was hanging around after Fucked Up and saw the first minute or so of MSI which was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. Like a West-End musical version of a Marilyn Manson band. They have songs called things like Faggot and Issues. Say no more.

These are the first pics from the new iPhone 3G – I think they’re fine. All the bitching about the fact that it’s only a 2 MP camera – give a shit. Since when does anyone print their phone pics anyway?

Neon Neon, live in Brighton, October 30th 2008 + Yo Majesty support

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Me and Curly have this going on. Artwork by Artwerk (that’s my other company in case you didn’t know)

Buy your tickets from Rounder (01273) 325 440 or online.

I’m going to this and you’re not. ‘Tis a shame.

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Artwork by my brother Voltek. No, my ACTUAL brother. Modern parlance is problematic sometimes…

The Mae Sheet RIP

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The Mae Shi’s sheet bit the Catalan dust.

Does It Offend You? No, not really.

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Catch up post alert, yeah? We have been all over Does It Offend You, Yeah? since forever. Since the first release of …Rockstars, and then the awesome Weird Science. We went down to see them smash up Audio (and break a couple of hundred quids worth of Audio’s mics – ho ho). These pics are from their Scala show, yeah? Taken by our homeboy Neil Stallyn from the Wyld Stallyns.

Does It Offend You Yeah?

And I’d actually forgotten about this sick vid for Weird Science. That’s Matt from Bloc Party. What’s the connection betweens the two bands…..? I wonder.

As a point of interest, Morgan from DIOY,Y? has another band called Plugs. This is their single That Number. Kinda good, yeah?

Jaguar Love (Bestiality)

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So Ive missed about a hundred interesting things out which I’ll try and catch up on at some point soon, but for ow, here’s a little report on the super-fantastic new Matador Signees Jaguar Love. They played Audio on Saturday and smashed it, even though there were only like 40 people there. I guess there hadn’t been much press and they’ve only had one single so far.

In the band are Johnny from Blood Brothers (and Crystal City), Cody (also from Blood Brothers and Head Wound City) and Jay Clarke (from Pretty Girls Make Graves). Wow – what a lineup.

Had a nice chat to Cody who is a super cool, and designed some of their merch (I am a merch bitch):
Jaguar Love Tee

Also met Johnny’s Mrs, Amy who is the main person behind Crystal City and is also super nice.

It’s my birthday…

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…ho hum.