I went to see The Whitest Boy Alive. It was amazing.

Well, now you can see just how behind I am on posting – scroll down a bit and you’ll see I posted the flyer for the gig me and Curly put on – Whitest Boy Alive at the Brighton Coalition. That was a month ago. Just imagine the nuggets of blog gold that I’m holding on to back here, just waiting for a spare 5 mins to post them… gold.

So back to the subject in hand – The Whitest Boy Alive. First up were The Rubies, about whom I had no preconceptions – kinda enjoyed their tracks, particularly the TieDye remix of I Feel Electric featuring Feist, and they are Erland Øye’s, like, pet project, so they can’t be bad. Particularly wanted to see ’em since we do their merch! They were actually great – pretty chilled, but arriving at Disco mainline station by the end, thanks in no small part to a couple of Whitest Boys joining them for the last couple of tunes – a nice slice of collaborative disco-lite:





After that, it was heads down and disco into the night as Whitest Boy Alive (who have some die-hard fans I can tell you) rocked the Monday night party like only consumate pros can. Chuck in a couple of “house classic” covers (Show Me Love, Music Sounds Better With You…. Erland will only play house classics) and you’ve got possibly the funnest gig all year. Our pal Elliot from Brighton Fusion took these pics. They’re better than mine.






The funnest gig all year. Tremendous.

We ended the night in Revenge (for about 15 scary seconds) and then drinking splendid cocktails at the Pelirocco. Terri from Rubies met MGMT (who were playing next door) so we had to go back for her. Drunk.

Just the right setup for a lazy late breakfast at Inside Out on a Tuesday then! Me and Erland ended up in the Lanes Armoury pontificating about the relative merits of empire building and the value of revolution to a country’s national character. And double glazing. A clever guy and a true gent.


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