Peter Saville in conversation in Brighton

So, I nearly wet my pants when I found out that probably my favorite all time designer Peter Saville was going to be in conversation in Brighton. He was booked by this monthly arts / culture conversation evening called The Space. They’ve had some pretty great guests – someone there must be pretty well connected.

The evening in question took place last week at The Joogleberry in Kemptown. Despite the inane questioning (“So, what was Ian Curtis like as a person?”, “So, Wham! What was that all about?”), it was fantastic to get a tiny insight into Saville’s work and his feelinigs about his career. A highlight would have to be “I don’t really like design, I don’t really like music”. For me, his work has always operated outside of both those spheres – music and design – so it was nice to hear that.

Peter Saville

I also got my Peter Saville book signed and had a little chinwag afterwards. A funny little man asked him to sign his Unknown Pleasures record. Saville didn’t really want to since they are “so valuable”. The little fella said he didn’t care, so as a compromise, Saville signed the inner sleeve instead.


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