Ummm….. WOW.

Check this out! You know how when you go to a “LIVE” electronic show, its always just some dude who doesn’t see enough daylight checking his emails? Well these dorksters from UC Berkeley ‘s School of Information sat down and had a think about what was the funnest material known to man (“Helium? Chromeum? Balonyum?”) and came up with the answer…. Gumballs! These modern day Einsteins are called Hannes Hesse, Andrew McDiarmid and Rosie Han and this is The Bubblegum Sequencer!

Check more at:

Puts me in mind of our pal (and GenEric supporter from way back) Tim Exile – imagine what he’d do with this!

Yoinked via Modular’s Modblog

Also, apologies for the dearth of posts here recently – I guess the old braincells took longer than usual to recover. Back with a vengeance now though……


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