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Saturdaze flics
Sunday, October 14, 2007

So……Saturday ended up being pretty rowdy with a few fancy dress partys going down around town. The first one we landed at was at 14 Ship Street, a trendy little bar situated down..duh..Ship Street. I like this bar cos they let you take your cerveza out when you go for a fag, bonus.

Then we ended up meeting a few pals and going to a crazy house party in some twisted warehouse-like-yard down the road the Eagle pub is down. It was cool to see old skool travelling buddies Willis and Lauren an a certain SnapClicker inside along with the usual suspects (you know who you are!!), anyways, everything was sweet untill some girl fell of a roof an started bleeding out of her face. That was time to call it a day an vamoose..! 011.jpgFancy dressing021.jpg Pharfelius and Crack Stevens – S.O.R04.jpgCracky in the party05.jpgSnapClicker – mash lock in pon way home09.jpgDJ Cracky


Thursday’s partying: Tim Tim Club and Jazzy Jeff
Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nangtastic….Thursdays are allways fun due to TimTim club however, this one was exeptionally nang cos after visiting Tim and Tim we got to totter on down to the newly opened Digital club situated at the seafront on Brighton beach where the one and only Jazzy Jeff (yes, that geezer from Fresh Prince) tore it up on the decks. Somewhat a regular down in Brighton we knew we were in for an hour an a half of rawcus, rapid mixing and a banging time was had by all. Especially Aki who was dancing like a man posessed! ak-banny.jpgBrowsingodens-raven.jpgTim and one half of the Sweet Oden’s Raven possebanny-neil.jpgPosersak-jazzy.jpgThrowing dem shapessauna-jazzy.jpg A rather smoggy Digital club, Brighton UKceo.jpgCEO of this shiznitbeer-goggles.jpgNeil – famed for his use of beer goggles

Dont forget kids: TimTim Club is every Thursday at Above Audio! Check out the playlist by clicking here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

aki-pop-green-blog.jpgWelcome to the GenEric blog suckers…come and av’ a look if you think your hard enough