Nothing interesting…

This weekend was a bit dry in terms of shows / events ect. We went down to Dubpressure at the Volks in Brighton town around twelvish on Friday night but the Q was hella long and wasnt moving after 25 minutes (something they have to sort out cos we rate that nite and really wanted to av’ a little shock out), so we decided to sack it off an went down the Full Moon bar in Boyces Street to see some familiar faces. We ended up trawling the city hunting house parties and found one courtesy of Sumitra – Ta!

Nothing that great to wack up this time but Im gonna upload some flics anyway… 12.jpg We found these durrty chav’s in the Moon – errggh.. 22.jpg Pon street party huntin’ 32.jpg Some geezer turned up in a bin 5.jpg Sumitra found it hilarious 52.jpg Liked this shirt 6.jpg Suprise sex – we don’t indorse it 8.jpgAnd finally, when I got home I found this strange little man asleep outside my room

Sorry for the lack of anything actually interesting but as I said – my weekend pretty much sucked this week. Adiós yo!


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